Light green pillow, flowers in a vase by a window.

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How To Make Your Home Summer Ready

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, it’s time to prepare your living space for the
vibrant days of summer, whether you reside in an apartment or a community setting like The
Eames Apartments. Here are practical tips to transform your home into a refreshing sanctuary
during the warm weather months.

Storing Items
Begin by organizing and storing away winter items. Pack heavy blankets, thick curtains, and
winter clothing into storage bins or under-bed containers to free up space and reduce visual
clutter in your living areas.

Bringing Out Summer Essentials
Update your decor with lightweight fabrics and bright colors. Swap out dark-colored pillows and
throws for ones in cheerful hues like yellow, turquoise, or coral. Consider adding natural
elements such as seagrass rugs or bamboo accents to evoke a breezy, coastal feel.

Shop Local
Support local businesses when refreshing your space for summer. Look for unique home decor
items at nearby artisan markets, boutique shops, or through local online retailers. Choose
handcrafted ceramics, eco-friendly textiles, or locally sourced artwork to add a personalized
touch to your living space while supporting the community.

By decluttering and storing winter items, incorporating summer essentials with light fabrics and
vibrant colors, and supporting local businesses in your decor choices, you can create an inviting
atmosphere perfect for enjoying the summer season in your apartment or community living